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Latest Videos: Salma Yaqoob

Here are the latest videos for Salma Yaqoob. For more, visit her official YouTube page here.

Larches Park Community Fun Day

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More here.

Bristol Respect Campaign Team

More here.

Desi Donors – Amun Ali Appeal

More here.

Salma Yaqoob in the community

Here’s a selection of events and causes Birmingham councillor Salma Yaqoob has been highlighting and supporting this past week:

Larches Park Clean Up

Salma Yaqoob with Larches Park Residents Group chair Asghar Ali and local PCSOs Natasha Bruckshaw and Meryl Crawford

Larches Park in Sparkbrook

Both Cllr Salma Yaqoob and Cllr Mohammed Ishtiaq (Respect) have been working closely with Larches Park Residents Group recently to help them improve their local neighbourhood and regain confidence in the use of their local park. Larches Park has been one of the areas that was left neglected for many years and had got pretty run down. Parents didn’t feel comfortable bringing their kids there until now. More here.

Bangladesh Independence Day

Bangladesh Independence Day celebrations in Birmingham (UK) with Salma Yaqoob

Bangladesh Ind. Day

Birmingham’s Bangladeshi community invited Cllr Salma Yaqoob to the Bia Lounge in Small Heath to celebrate Bangladesh Independence Day.

The event also marked International Mother Language Day in celebration of Bangla being the country’s national tongue. More here.


Salma Yaqoob with parents of children with autism

Salma meets carers

Rewarding Parents

Salma was invited to present certificates to carers of family members of who disabilities. They had completed a seven week course organised by South Birmingham PCT in which they learnt more about understanding and coping with autism. More here.


Campaigners from Bristol visit Birmingham

Respect Leader Salma Yaqoob with members of Bristol Respect

Bristol Respect team

Members of Bristol Respect and other supporters came to Birmingham to help Salma Yaqoob on her election trail to help her become MP for the Hall Green constituency.

They joined her with leafleting and met with members of the community. More here.


Desi Donors Amun Ali Appeal

Salma Yaqoob with Ashgar Khan, father of Amun Ali, and Reena Combo of Desi Donors

Desi Donors

Desi Donors have been set up to encourage individuals of south Asian origin to join the national Bone Marrow register to help those in need of a transplant. Working with the Anthony Nolan Trust, Desi Donors have been actively campaigning to save the life of young local school boy Amun Ali. Salma joined the drive in Small Heath, Birmingham and registered herself with over a hundred other volunteers. More here.

Fundraising dinner in aid of orphanages in Pakistan

Salma was the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner in the

Salma Yaqoob at a Pakistani Orphanages Fundraiser in Birmingham

Fundraising for orphans

Crystal Plaza for orphanages in Pakistan. About 600 people were present. Jannat al Ferdous, founded by Shamim Mahmood and family friends, have set up four orphanages in the last five years, helping over 800 Pakistani children. More here.

For more on Salma Yaqoob’s campaigning and council work, visit her website:


Salma Yaqoob a knock-out with Amir Khan

Salma Yaqoob and fellow Respect councillors with boxer Amir Khan

Salma Yaqoob and fellow Respect councillors with boxer Amir Khan in Small Heath, Birmingham

Respect Cllr Salma Yaqoob relived old memories this month, as she visited her old school to see her son perform in in his first Christmas nativity play, in the same week as she joined champion boxer Amir Khan at a charity fundraiser in Birmingham.

“Today I had a proud mum moment. I went to watch my son, Aslan, perform as the inn keeper in his infants school nativity play! I was taken aback by how grown up and confident he seemed on stage,” she said.

Cllr Salma Yaqoob with her youngest son Aslan

Cllr Salma Yaqoob with her youngest son Aslan

“It was especially poignant because he is my youngest at six years old. He attends Colmore Infant School. The teachers are brilliant and I have a special affection for the Head Teacher, Viv Randall, who was my teacher when I was at junior school. The school manages that rare balance of fun and learning.”

On Sunday 14th, Cllr Yaqoob was at a charity fundraiser with the boxer and Olympic champion Amir Khan.

“We were raising money for a hospital to be built in Pakistan so that poor people could access free health care. On a night when he could mixing with stars at the glitzy BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Award event, he chose to come to Small Heath in Birmingham to support a worthy cause.

“I was impressed with his humility and commitment. The event was attended by hundreds of people. It was organised by Councillor Shoukat Ali Khan and hosted with panache by Respect’s own Councillor Mohammed Ishtiaq, who managed to get people to donate with his enthusiasm and humour,” explained Salma.