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Campaigning for Salma Iqbal

Salma Iqbal canvassing

Campaigning for candidate Salma Iqbal

The Salma Iqbal campaign team has been in full gear this weekend with volunteers canvassing for the Springfield Respect candidate.

With the local elections looming on the 1st of May, campaigners and friends have been rallying support amongst local residents in Sparkhill and surrounding areas.

A new newsletter outlining Respect’s commitment to safer streets and communities in the city has been distributed, highlighting Salma Iqbal’s aims to improve car parking in local neighbourhoods, encourage cleaner streets, campaign for better youth provision and reinforcing her opposition to the ‘Red Route’ in the area.

“Campaigning is a vital part of the election process. Local residents need to know what we stand for and how we hope to represent them before they vote in May. I didn’t see many other parties braving the weather and meeting the residents of Springfield as we did today, and that’s because I believe we have a commitment to raise their concerns and make their voice heard by the council,” explained Salma.

“I hope they will choose to elect me as their representative so we can finally make a positive difference in the community.”

Salma Iqbal canvassing

Campaigning for Respect candidate Salma Iqbal

Father and son team Mark and Jordan France traveled all the way from Stourbridge to assist with the effort. Young Jordan, aged 12, said:

“Campaigning was great as we met loads of nice people and we got a very good response.”

“In the streets canvassed we got positive responses from the overwhelming majority of people despite the appalling weather,” added father Mark.

Canvassing this weekend for Salma Iqbal

Salma Iqbal

Salma Iqbal

Hi all,

Elections are only 5 weeks away and there is loads to be done. We will be out canvassing the Springfield ward this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday (29th and 30th March). Meet at 1pm outside St John’s Church on Stratford Road, Sparkhill, B11.
I would be greatful if you would let me know if you are able to help and on which days.

MEETING POINT: St John’s Church, St John’s Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 4RG

You may email your queries and details to: . Many thanks.

Salma Iqbal (Respect candidate for Springfield, Birmingham)

Campaign Team Meeting: Salma Iqbal


Just to notify everyone of Salma Iqbal’s campaign team meeting on Thursday 20th March, 7.30pm at the Sparkhill Social and Cultural Centre.

The venue has now been confirmed.

Salma Iqbal in standing as a Respect candidate in the Springfield ward for the May Council elections.

Birmingham Respect is now on facebook. To join, click here.

Salma demands Red Route apology

Red Route Birmingham

Birmingham Respect is working hard to oppose the imposition of a ‘Red Route’ traffic restrictions along the Stratford Road.

An independent study by academics at Birmingham City University on the impact of the Route estimated that it could cost up to 200 jobs and take £2million out of a deprived area. Over 3,000 local people have signed a petition against the Red Route.

Following a special council hearing into the scheme Councillor Salma Yaqoob is demanding an apology from the city’s Transport boss Len Gregory after he accused her of deceiving colleagues over the controversial Red Route scheme. All the evidence suggests that Gregory is the one whose stories don’t stack up.

Read the full story in ‘The Stirrer’ here.

Image: Birmingham Respect

Birmingham Respect Rally Videos

Video from Birmingham Respect rally, 9 March 2008

George Galloway, Salma Yaqoob and Salma Iqbal’s speeches at the fantastic, 300-strong rally that launched Birmingham Respect’s election campaign – Also includes speeches by other speakers from the day. Click on the names to see the videos:

George Gallloway | Salma Yaqoob | Salma Iqbal | Mushtaq Hussain | Nahim Ullah Khan

In pictures: International Women’s Day

South Birmingham Respect Celebrates International Women’s Day

Click on the thumbnails for a larger image:

Respect International Women’s Day EventRespect International Women’s Day Event

Images: Birmingham Respect

Respect Celebrates International Women’s Day

Birmingham Respect women's fundraiser200 women came together on the evening of Friday 7th March as part of Respect’s celebration of International Women’s Day 2008.

The Women’s Gala mixed politics with eating, drinking, dancing, henna art, raffles, jewellery and fashion stalls. This gave us the opportunity to reach out to and engage with a whole new layer of people not familiar with our politics or who may otherwise not attend the usual political rally or public meeting.

A good time was had by all with many asking when the next event was taking place, and in the process we raised much needed funds for our forthcoming election campaign.

Report and images: Respect website