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Meet your Birmingham candidates

Birmingham Respect candidates 2010

Who's your Birmingham Respect candidate?

Who’s standing for Respect in the local and General Elections in Birmingham? Find out more here.  Check back for regular updates.

Why vote Respect?

Investment not cuts

Slashing public spending will only deepen the recession. Instead of the obsession with cuts we need to invest for growth. This will allow Government income to rise and will cut unemployment. That is the best way to reduce the national debt.

Troops out of Afghanistan

Too many lives have been lost. Escalating the conflict will only make things worse. We need to find a peaceful solution.

New Green Deal

Invest in Green technology to save our planet. the UK could create up to 400,000 jobs in new green industries, instead of wasting tens of billions of pounds on ID cards and Trident nuclear weapons.

One Society, Many Cultures

Everyone is equal no matter their race, religion or lifestyle. We are differet, but we are one society. We should not be divided by racism and intolerance.


For more about the things the Respect party and its candidates stands for, visit: and

Salma Yaqoob for MP

Salma Yaqoob for MP

Salma Yaqoob is standing for MP in Birmingham Hall Green

This May you have the chance to elect a new MP. Salma Yaqoob is a brave and committed campaigner. She will speak up for you.

– Fed up with politicians lining their own pockets?

– Angry at bankers keeping their bonuses?

– Let down by the lies that took us to war in Iraq and Afghanistan?


She can do it!

In the 2005 General Election, Salma almost won with 10,498 votes.

Lib Dems trailed in THIRD and Conservatives FOURTH.

Only Salma can beat Labour in Birmingham Hall Green!

Labour in trouble – Labour was shocked to have its majority slashed from 16,246 to 3,289 in 2005. Since then they have become even more unpopular.

Lib Dems struggling – Jerry Evans’ vote reduced by half in his own Springfield ward in 2008.

In 2009 they only polled 500 votes in the Sparkbrook by-election. Lib Dems are losing support and cannot win.

For more:

In pictures: Respect election campaign launch

Respect local elections Birmingham campaign launch 2008:

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Respect election launchRespect election launchSalma Iqbal RespectSalma Yaqoob and George Galloway MPCllr Mohammed Ishtiaq Respect BirminghamGeorge GallowayRespect election launch audienceSalma Yaqoob RespectRespect election launch audienceRespect election launch SpeakersRespect election launch crowdGeorge Galloway speaksRespect election launch audienceRespect election launchRespect election launchGeorge Galloway in BirminghamRespect election launchRespect election launch audienceGeorge Galloway speaksGeorge Galloway meets friendsGeorge Galloway and Salma YaqoobGeorge Galloway meets friendsGeorge Galloway speaks to Geo TVSalma Yaqoob speaks with Geo TVGeorge Galloway meets friendsGeorge Galloway meets friendsGeorge Galloway meets friendsGeorge Galloway meets friendsGeorge Galloway meets friendsGeorge Galloway meets friendsSalma Yaqoob and George Galloway at restaurantSalma Yaqoob and George Galloway at restaurantSalma Yaqoob and George Galloway at restaurantGeorge Galloway restaurant BirminghamSalma Iqbal and George GallowayGeorge Galloway and friendGeorge Galloway MP and friendGeorge Galloway and friendSalma Yaqoob and George Galloway MPGeorge Galloway MP and supportersNahim Ullah Khan and George Galloway MPGeorge Galloway and Paradise Restaurant owner

Images: Respect website