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Salma Yaqoob says “Go Green” for the European Elections

Salma Yaqoob is backing Green Party MEP caniddate Felicity Norman

Salma Yaqoob is backing Green Party MEP caniddate Felicity Norman

Prominent Birmingham Councillor and Leader of the RESPECT Party, Salma Yaqoob is calling for progressive West Midlands voters to go Green and vote for Felicity Norman at the European Elections on 4th June.

Salma Yaqoob, who is a Sparkbrook Councillor and Westminster Candidate for Birmingham Hall Green constituency is endorsing Felicity for her commitment to fight the BNP at the European election and for the Greens’ progressive policies on job creation in new industries.

Councillor Yaqoob said:

“With the country facing the deepest recession in generations, Labour and the Tories offer us nothing but rising unemployment and cuts in services. Those of us who want a new politics based on social justice need to work together. The candidate closest to my own views on the environment, anti-racism and foreign affairs is Felicity Norman and I hope my supporters will back her on 4 June.”

At the last European election, the Greens secured 5.2% of the vote in the region. Respect got 2.4% of the votes. When combined, the 7.6% vote share is just greater than the BNP’s 7.5%. Only around 10% of the vote is needed to gain a seat at the European election next month and with the Greens, RESPECT and the BNP all having grown in the past five years, it is a tight race to the finish line on 4th June.

The Green Party is running its strongest ever campaign to elect a Euro-MP in the region to join the two other UK Green Party MEPs already elected.

Salma Yaqoob commented:

“The racist British National Party is hoping to make a breakthrough in these elections. Under the system of proportional representation it is essential that everyone who opposes the BNP uses their vote. The higher the turnout, the lower the chance of the BNP being elected. Whatever you do please use your vote against the BNP. But if you care about peace, justice, equality, anti-racism and the environment, vote Green in the European elections”.

Felicity Norman, the top Green Party Euro-MP candidate said:

“A Green vote at these elections says yes to positive politics and no to racism and it says yes to investing in jobs-rich industries to tackle recession and climate change.

“The Green Party is running a serious campaign to fight the BNP. In this proportional voting system, it’s normally a small party that takes the final seat, which could mean the BNP or the Greens. We know that if a Green is elected, there is no room for the BNP. The battle for fourth place at the European election is more important than ever and with Salma’s endorsement, our combined support ensures we’re in the game”.

Salma’s endorsement of Felicity is the second boost for the Greens in a week after news that Green Party candidate numbers for the County Council elections this year are treble the figure of the last County elections in 2005.

Respect condemns deportation of Pakistani men innocent of alleged terror plot

Respect leader Salma Yaqoob condemns plans to deport 11 Pakistani men innocent of alleged involvement in a terror plot:

“Everybody in the Muslim community understands that the police have to act if they suspect a terrorist threat. We also understand that innocent people might occasionally be arrested and subsequently released. That is the nature of policing.

But these recent arrests are indicative of a worrying pattern developing.

Firstly, far too many of the most high profile raids and arrests lead to no charges at all. The release of these 11 Pakistani men and one Briton without charge follows February’s high-profile arrests and detentions and release without charge in the north-west of nine men on unspecified overseas intelligence linked to a supposed terrorist activities outside Britain. Some of those arrested were in act from a convoy taking medicines, computers, toys and such to Gaza – all were innocent. And in the past we have also had lurid allegations about terrorist plots to blow up Old Trafford football stadium, the so-called ‘ricin’ plot and the police raids and shooting in Forest Gate East London of a supposed ‘bomb factory’– all claims later shown to be unfounded.

Secondly, there is a real danger that manner in which these raids are dealt with by the politicians is both prejudicial to any notion of a fair trail and also damaging to community relations.

When the government starts talking about ‘a very big terrorist plot’ before any case goes to court they show contempt for fair legal process and undermine the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

When policing is conducting is such a high profile way in the media in advance of any trial it creates sensationalist headlines. This climate of fear damages relations between the Muslim communities and other communities and undermines trust between Muslim communities and the Police.

The trend of trial by politicians and media has to be reversed. This means politicians and police officers refraining from premature briefings before cases have come to court where actual evidence can be evaluated. Such restraint in one stroke would not only restore the principle of innocent until proven guilty, but would help restore confidence in the government and police.

These 11 men should now be allowed to rebuild their lives. Given that they have been released without charge it is a further smear on their characters and extension of their horrendous ordeal that they are facing deportation with more unsubstantiated claims hanging over them”.

Salma Yaqoob | Planning Committee meeting: Edgbaston cricket ground revamp decision

Wednesday 8th April 2009 : Cllr Salma Yaqoob attends the Birmingham City Council Planning Committee Meeting on the Edgbaston cricket ground decision.

Cllr Yaqoob argues her case for why extensive changes to the ground should not be made at the expense of local residents whose quality of living would deteriorate as a result.

Cllr Salma Yaqoob challenges Khalid Mahmood MP on the Politics Show

Salma Yaqoob on the Politics Show

Salma Yaqoob on the BBC Politics Show

Respect Cllr Salma Yaqoob cautiously welcomes a new government advertising campaign initiated in a bid to ‘soften’ the perception of Britain by displaying images of British Muslims on billboards in Pakistan in a bid to curb terrorism.

However, she challenges Labour MP Khalid Mahmood on whether the campaign highlights or even addresses the real cause for a lot of the Pakistani population’s discontent with the British state: foreign policy.

Salma Yaqoob on the BBC Politics Show

Salma Yaqoob on the BBC Politics Show

Following the deaths of 200 people in Pakistan by British-supported US raids in Pakistan last year alone; and a further 40 Pakistani civilians being killed by US attacks only last week, Salma doubts the new campaign will appease the serious concerns of ordinary Pakistanis and the radicals terrorists who exploit them.

Watch the report & debate on the Politics Show here (begins at 38:17).

Originally broadcast at 12.30pm on Sunday 15th February 2009, on BBC One.

Birmingham Respect Rally Videos

Video from Birmingham Respect rally, 9 March 2008

George Galloway, Salma Yaqoob and Salma Iqbal’s speeches at the fantastic, 300-strong rally that launched Birmingham Respect’s election campaign – Also includes speeches by other speakers from the day. Click on the names to see the videos:

George Gallloway | Salma Yaqoob | Salma Iqbal | Mushtaq Hussain | Nahim Ullah Khan