Why vote Respect?

Investment not cuts

Slashing public spending will only deepen the recession. Instead of the obsession with cuts we need to invest for growth. This will allow Government income to rise and will cut unemployment. That is the best way to reduce the national debt.

Troops out of Afghanistan

Too many lives have been lost. Escalating the conflict will only make things worse. We need to find a peaceful solution.

New Green Deal

Invest in Green technology to save our planet. the UK could create up to 400,000 jobs in new green industries, instead of wasting tens of billions of pounds on ID cards and Trident nuclear weapons.

One Society, Many Cultures

Everyone is equal no matter their race, religion or lifestyle. We are differet, but we are one society. We should not be divided by racism and intolerance.


For more about the things the Respect party and its candidates stands for, visit: www.therespectparty.net and www.salmayaqoob.com.

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  1. Posted by Natalie Windsor on April 13, 2010 at 00:11

    I’m relatively new to voting and to politics. I’m really glad for Respect’s support for Green technology – I feel it’s the most important thing we should be spending on right now and I feel that qall new buildings, cars, phones etc should be made green to stop any further tax on the planet (an ambitious target I guess).

    I live in Sparkhill, am I right in thinking this is a Respect Area? (Not had a leaflet through yet).

    I am wondering who to vote for.

    What are Respect’s attitudes to other issues such as the plght of the elderly, funding cuts for those with special needs, Hate Crime towards the LGBT community, promoting breastfeeding, etc?

    Is there any hidden hate crime in my area for Asians who are gay, etc? Do Asians with special needs get good quality care?

    Also, our area is particularly messy. Rubbish often gets dumped in the River Cole. What can be done about this?

    Many thanks,



    • Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Sparkhill does fall under the Birmingham Hall Green constituency and Respect candidate Salma Yaqoob is committed to addressing many of the issues you have highlighted.

      You can find out more about Birmingham Hall Green parliamentary candidate Salma Yaqoob and her work here: http://www.salmayaqoob.com along with information about how to get in touch with her.

      You can also find out more about the Respect Party’s policies on the issues you have mentioned at the national Respect website: http://www.therespectparty.net


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