Salma Yaqoob: Why the EDL march must be banned from Birmingham

“The English Defence League claimed they only came to protest against Islamic extremism but they actually came to spread hatred and division.

One of their ringleaders, Paul Ray, made his intentions very clear when he stated, on TalkSport Radio, ‘his opposition to all Muslims practising their faith in Britain’.

Everyone has a right to their opinions but no one has the right to incite hatred on the basis of faith or race.

I am concerned there is an equivalence being made between these people, who came to provoke trouble, and people who stand against fasicsm and racism. There is no equivalence and it is wrong that people have been allowed to come into the city centre with this intent for trouble.

The fascists wants to see social disorder, especially scenes of violence between Muslim youth and white people, because then they can hold it up as ‘evidence’ of the ‘failure’ of multiculturalism.

Of course, our message is ‘do not be provoked’. We don’t want to see any scenes of violence in our Birmingham city centre; but the reality is they know some of these tactics have worked as in the past in Burnley, Oldham and Stoke where they instigated race riots and since that polarisation, they have benefited in their votes.

I believe the English Defence League’s so-called ‘protests’ are simply a repeat of this formula which they want to bring to Birmingham and other cities across the country.

I call on politicians from all parties, civic leaders and faith representatives to condemn the racist intent behind these so-called demonstrations and also call for the banning of any future such protests in our city.

Luton has also seen protests by the EDL and Casuals United, which have resulted in violence, and the police there have actually responded to a public outcry about this by calling for a ban.

Chief Superintendent Andy Frost, Divisional Commander for Luton police, said:
“The risk the proposed marches pose to public safety has left us with no alternative but to apply for a banning order.”

Alan Johnson, the Home Office Minister, granted this banning order in Luton, because he received over 14,000 letters directly to himself and the Chief Constable there, saying that they wanted a ban.

I urge people in Birmingham to write to Alan Johnson, as well as to the Chief Constable here to urge for a similar ban.

I love being a Brummie, I’m proud that Birmingham is a multicultural and diverse city. Let’s not be divided by the racists.”

To request a ban, please write to:

Alan Johnson MP (Home Secretary):

Chief Constable Chris Simms (West Midlands Police):

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  1. Posted by Dan Factor on September 1, 2009 at 17:36

    Dear Ms Yaqoob,

    I have a few questions regarding your calls to ban the English Defence Leag=
    ue from protesting.

    1.Is it what the protestors are protesting about that you object to (Islami=
    c extremism) or the violence that comes with these protests?

    2.Even if protests against Islamic “extremism” were peaceful would you call=
    for a ban on them?

    3.Is the fear of violence neccesarily just cause to supress protest? If so =
    perhaps this should apply to all protests where there is a risk (however sm=
    all) of violence.

    4.Do you believe violent protestors should be banned regardless of what the=
    y are protesting about? (Would you call for violent protestors to be banned=
    if they were protesting against the Iraq war for example? Or is violent pr=
    otest acceptable if the cause is perceived to be righteous, worthy and acce=

    5.Do you believe that people who insight hatred should be banned regardless=
    of who they are and who they are insighting hatred against? (I guess I am =
    asking would you call for a ban on Muslims speeking hatred against Jews etc=


  2. yeahbite me ! i got a message to EDL and casuals united
    France support your troops !!!!
    allez les gars lachez rien !!

    Freedom fighters !!!


  3. Ms. Yacoob,

    I was curious. In a choice between being British and being Muslim, which is your priority?

    Are you a Muslim first, and british second, or
    British First and a Muslim Second?

    I don’t know where you originally come from, but lets imagine it is Iran. so, lets imagine you are in Iran, and Iran is overrun by British Europeans, who demand that Iranians ‘respect’ the British culture and religion, and allow for mroe and more immigration. Until Iranians are a minority in Iran?

    How exactly would this be ‘fair’ or anything remotely respectful towards British European culture?


  4. Posted by Asiaticus on November 16, 2009 at 19:12

    Dear Tibbs and Why We Are White Refugees ( really !!) ,
    with all due respect it sounds like your minds are brainwashed by the right wing propaganda machine and your desperate attempt to sound like an intellectual , actually makes you sound like a bigot.
    Can you even describe “British-European culture”? , the phrase is an oxymoron my friend, UK is perhaps one of the most mongrel nations in the world…vikings, romans, french and even your royal family is mix blood ! and as far as your paranoia about immigration numbers goes I sincerely hope that you will stop getting sleepless nights knowing that there were decreases in the number of immigrants in nearly all categories in 2008
     students – down 21 per cent to 115,340;
     work permit holders – down 10 per cent to 42,090;
     permit free employment – down 30 per cent to 33,375;
     spouse (probationary period applications) – down 11 per cent to 26,290;
     settlement – down 5 per cent to 85,390;
     category unknown – down 59 per cent to 2,445;

    Also to say Britain is ‘overrun’ by immigrants is not only an exaggeration but a ‘white’ lie . The size of the minority ethnic population was 4.6 million in 2001 or 7.9 per cent of the total population of the United Kingdom, so my scared friend an overwhelming 92.1 % of population in britain is still white !!
    not “overrun” are you?
    I hope you stop reading the Daily Mail or The BNP website or and perhaps take out some time to read the national statistics website… will open up your eyes, which seemed to be shut by the sloth of bigotry.

    Religion and Citizenship are two very different elements my friend and questions like “are you British first or muslim first” are frankly stale and laughable.


  5. I posted a question.

    It has not been answered. You appear to misunderstand the difference between a question and a statement of fact; the one is used in communication for the purpose of enquiry, the other is used, when their is sufficient evidence to prove it as a statement of fact.

    I’ll ask another question.

    Are you interested in a discussion, where you set aside your bigotry assumptions about my alleged bigotry, or does it only take one politically incorrect question, for you to give a knee jerk response, without making any enquiry into facts?

    Let me know if you are interested in a discussion, and I am totally willing to meet you there, and to change any of my opinions and conclusions, should you provide me with sufficient evidence justifying such changes to be required.

    If you are only venting your bigotry, thats okay… but I won’t bother to take you serious (considering what little evidence it takes for you to draw your addiction to your bigotry conclusions upon), and shall simply let you rant.. your little bigotted tirade.

    No worries. Unlike many pretending liberals, I actually do endorse freedom of speech for everyone, not only those who agree with me, and including left wing bigots, pink wiing bigots, right wing bigots, black bigots, muslim bigots, etc… In fact, I don’t think I ever met anyoone who wasn’t a bigot, not even my African american, former muslim husband…

    Anyway.. rant on, if you want.. or let me know you are interested in a serious conversation and discussion about facts.

    Your decision…

    Take care


  6. Posted by Asiaticus on November 17, 2009 at 17:25

    You seem to be so full of poison … ” left wing bigots, pink wiing bigots, right wing bigots, black bigots, muslim bigots, etc… ”
    NO ! The world is not full of bigots, seems like you need to change the people you hang out with and may be the even people you marry. So sorry for you that every person you’ve ever met is a bigot. Change the crowd you mix with girl !! :-))
    I gave you some solid facts, reply back with intellect if you have one, otherwise no point in carrying on this conversation just for the sake of “i’ll have the last word” !!
    READ and TRAVEL , you’ll find that the world is a much nicer place and it is not full of racist , prejudiced bigots.
    If REAL and HARD facts are a rant for you , I don’t think you can sustain a healthy debate.
    And about your answer… Councillor Salma Yaqoob is a well respected British citizen and seriously she has bigger battles to fight thn justify her religion and loyalty to Britain to every Nick, dick or Harry .


  7. Asiaticus,

    Ms. Yacoob is more than welcome to fans like you.

    If she is intellectually incapable of answering a simple question like:

    In a choice between being British and being Muslim, which is your priority?

    Are you a Muslim first, and british second, or
    British First and a Muslim Second?

    No wonder she has followers like you…

    Clearly you are not interested in a conversation.. Thats okay.

    If you ever change your mind, or Ms. Yacoob ever decides she has the intellectual and political courage to answer a very very simple question, let me know…

    Till then she is more than welcome to ‘respect’ from ignorant morons… who lack critical thinking faculties…

    Take care


  8. Posted by Asiaticus on November 17, 2009 at 17:46

    You blog is full of nothing but poison, nit pick and a REAL rant. You have not answered back with a single fact and you are continuing the ” I’ll have the last word” pathetic psychology.
    This is typical of people like you, jump on the band wagon, and when time comes to reply you start making general comments…Nick Griffin was an excellent example…HOT AIR, no substance. I gave you over half a dozen solid facts and all you’ve come back is ” My question” , “my question” over and over again.
    I’ll give you another one….
    Immigration has provided a £1,650-a-head boost to the economy over the last decade by helping British companies to grow faster, £300 of the growth in Britain’s per head gross domestic product (GDP) last year was attributable to an influx of workers from overseas. It follows a steady series of increases in the previous nine years, adding up to a £1,650 rise between 1997 and 2006.
    Do you know what that means? I can explain in layman terms if you want. Ignorant moron lacking basic analytical skills !!
    FACT !!


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