Public Meeting: ‘Boycott Israel’ tonight – Council House, 6pm

'Boycott Israel' meeting at the Birmingham Council House

'Boycott Israel' meeting at the Birmingham Council House

Public Meeting: Boycott Israel

Friday 23rd January 20096pm

Venue: Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1AA

Speakers: Salma Yaqoob, Andrew Murray and others.

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition

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  1. Posted by SALMA CHOUDHURY on January 24, 2009 at 00:13

    I don’t think we should be boycotting Israel. I have thought about this and I just don’t believe that in a global world that we can be just doing it. I think we would be doing more harm than benefit, for one, who are we punishing by boycotting Israel…There are still many muslims in Israel and we might be harming those. Not everyone in Israel supported the onslaught on Gaza so one perspective we might ourselves be committing collective guilt.
    Anyway these are my thoughts. I think we should do all we can by using the pen for sometimes it is mightier than the sword. Write to your MP, write to newspapers and write to broadcasters demanding the truth and action!


  2. yes, i agree w/ u, that’s a humanity problem


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